Teaching and Learning at Albanvale Primary School

At Albanvale Primary School we are guided by the Victorian Curriculum in to support the planning of student learning programs, assessment of student progress and reporting to parents. These standards describe what is essential for all students to achieve in Foundation to Year 10. All the standards are designed to engage students, build their confidence, offer varied approaches to learning and challenge them to achieve. Find out more about how we achieve excellence in each learning area by following the links below.


Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning. There are many ways that teachers use assessment to inform their planning, move the students through developmental stages and ascertain student achievement. A variety of assessment tools are used including, but not limited to: work samples, observation, self-evaluation and discussions with their students.

Each year families receive two written reports indicating the academic progress of their child. They receive these reports at the end of Term two and four. Families are invited to meet with their child teacher across the year to continue being a part of their child's learning.


Each student celebrates their success in their Digital Portfolio through the Seesaw Platform. A collection of student work is shared that richly represents the learner and provides evidence of their learning.  We believe that a display of your child’s learning is an effective and comprehensive medium to demonstrate areas of growth in their learning and the achievement of their set learning goals.

Enrichment Learning Areas

At Albanvale Primary School our student's learning is enriched through our Enrichment Learning Area Programs. Students engage in weekly 1 hour sessions in Physical Education, Visual Art, Italian and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Student's are engaged in project based learning throughout our enrichment program giving them authentic and hands on experiences designed to expand their critical thinking and challenge them to apply their learning in innovative ways.