All students at Albanvale access learning programs that will enable them to develop purposeful literacy skills in English and these skills will be used actively in their lives. This will be demonstrated by:


  • Positive attitudes towards reading and viewing, writing, listening and speaking

  • Confidence to independently use appropriate reading and writing strategies in different situations

  • Applying these strategies to new situations (e.g. making connections, using previous knowledge)

  • Have the necessary meta language to articulate thinking and strategies used

  • Have equal access and opportunities regardless of race, gender or ability

  • Engagement in learning that is differentiated by recognising the learning needs of individuals

  • Parents being actively involved in their child/s literacy learning


All students should appreciate, enjoy and use language and be confident in expressing themselves, to form and convey ideas, to inform, to discuss, to persuade, to entertain and to argue.


By providing students with understandings of different texts and how language works within them, students will experience success at school and beyond. This will provide students with opportunities to be active, informed and to lead fulfilled lives in a modern Australian society and the global community. When understanding and working with texts, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that enable them to read, view and listen critically and to think, speak and write clearly and confidently.


Many students at Albanvale Primary School learn English as an additional Language (EAL) or Backgrounds Other Than English (LBOTE) and will need time, support and exposure to English before they become competent in the use of the English language.